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Past Performances

Kiswahili Language Festival 2023

A man in a wide-brimmed hat and glasses, Adam Solomon, smiles as he plays a guitar with abandon. Text announcing a previous live performance
Two images, one of a woman in African-style outfit and headdress, holds her hands to her face as she smiles. The other image is of a man holding a guitar case against a brightly graffitied wall. The text describes a previous live performance by Adam Solomon
An image of a man, Adam Solomon, dressed in a Maasai patterned cloth and playing a guitar on a deck
An image of Adam Solomon, wearing a hat and an African-style shirt, plays a guitar on a stage. Text describes a live performance
An image of a flyer with two photos, one of Adam Solomon playing his guitar in a studio, the other is the guitar on a chair. Text is for a live performance
An image of a flyer advertising an art exhibition with live music by Adam Solomon. Background is a misty image of a dewy spiderweb.
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